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All exercising is based on boxing exercises. equipment used for this includes; skipping ropes, battle ropes, punch bags, reflex balls, medicine balls and  benches. This equipment will be used to gain cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, strength, coordination, balance and reflex speed.

14ft Boxing ring


We have a 14 foot boxing ring in which you will learn:


  • Techniques for attack and defence 

  • Legwork / footwork drills

  • The correct way of using the ropes 

  • How to cut the ring down

  • How to dominate the centre of the ring

  • How to fight on the defensive and on the offensive

  • Optional sparring putting what you have learned into practice

Bag Room.jpeg
Full selection of punch bags


We have a full selection of punch bags to teach a variety of techniques.

  • Heavy bags to teach you how to punch with your body weight

  • Hard bags to build strength throughout the arms and core

  • Hook / Uppercut bags to practice combination punches

  • 3 - Way bags used for headshots and body shots

  • Maize bags used to teach you how to slip and weave 

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