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Chris Alexis

My name is Chris Alexis, I volunteered to take part in Ultra White Collar Boxing (UWCB) as they are in partnership with the amazing, Cancer Research charity.  This charity is very close to my heart as my father suffered from bowel cancer. I truly attribute my father’s amazing recovery to research, which is funded by this charity. I felt I needed to give something back and raise money to help more people affected by cancer.

I was given free weekly boxing sessions provided by volunteers linked to UWCB, unfortunately I did not feel I was learning a lot from the sessions. As a result, I found JJ’s Boxing Gym on the internet, I was looking for a boxing gym near to my home, I am very competitive and felt I needed professional training to give me an extra edge on ‘fight night’.

The training I received from Cornel was amazing, both the technical and physical aspects. Even though I only joined JJ’s six weeks before the actual fight, I learnt so much in that short time. I was put through my paces and increased both my cardio resistance and strength. Through sparring with my peers, I learnt to both defend and attack. Cornel paired me up with a variety of fighters, this process exposed my strengths and weaknesses and pushed me to work harder. I gained so much confidence as a result.










All of the training paid off and I won my fight with a first-round knockout. I religiously stuck to the fight plan Cornel implemented, it only took 1 minute, 40 seconds for the referee to call an end to the match.

This was truly an accomplishment as I have never had a fight in my life, I am just not that way inclined. I went from 0-100 with the help of Cornel and JJ’s Boxing Gym. I have found a new enjoyment in boxing training and will continue to keep it up going forward.

I am truly grateful for the advice, skills and confidence I gained from attending this gym. 

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