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All sparring will be supervised by the boxing coach.

Correct clothing and footwear must be worn at all times.

Please respect the trainer and the gymnasium, failing this we have the rights to cancel your membership.

There is a zero tolerance policy on abuse and threats to the trainer, staff or

other members of the gymnasium, or abuse to the equipment in the boxing

Parents give permission for child/children to take part in all areas of JJs
boxing gymnasium.

Permission for photos, videos to appear on social media and on our website.

Our gymnasium runs on a booking system only, and we require a minimum of
24 hours notice if you need to cancel or unfortunately you will lose a session.

There is no refund once blocks have been purchased.

Payment methods cash or bank transfer to - account name: JJ’s Boxing
Gymnasium, account no: 06604068. Sort code: 77-30-21

After 4 weeks, boxing kit required club T shirt, boxing training boots, hand wraps and boxing gloves.

Hand gel wraps will need to be purchased for your trial session.

Block payments need to be used within:
(10 weeks when you buy a 8 week block)
(8 weeks when you buy a 5 week block)

This will only be frozen under exceptional circumstances and at our

All payments must be made before you start your training.

All block cards must be ticked off and dated before you start your training by
a member of staff.

Gradings are compulsory.

Trial sessions are £7, then moving on to blocks of 5 or 8.

We take no responsibility for any lost or damaged items while you are training with us.

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