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Personal Trainers welcome

We also run a programme for personal trainers to use our boxing gymnasium's facilities on the weekend.

Keep your clients interested and keep your sessions fresh with a different take on fitness. Using our facilities on the weekends will add variety to your programme this can aid in client retention and add a new selling point to your business. A lot of clients will find training in an authentic boxing gymnasium fun, entertaining and a challenging workout.

JJ's boxing gymnasium is open and available for use every weekend from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm


There are two option for payment you decide what method suits you best:

1. £100 per calender month​ (paid in advance)

2. 20% per training session (must be booked in advance but payment can be made on the day)


For more information or to book please contact us on: 07547 122 185

Alternatively email us at:

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